Sample SOP

Sample SOP


“History fails has no clues in giving one example who had defeated in spite of putting 100 percentile of their commitment”


“Common people wait for the time to come. Winners will first create an opportunity and convert into a success with their wit.”

Let me start the SOP with my self-introduction. Myself XXXX, planning to pursue Masters in Computer Sciences from your University.

I am from an environment which is a perfect mix and match of village, town, and a city. People here are kind-hearted and are of helping nature.


I consider myself as an above average or even a brilliant student when it comes to academics. I have achieved 71% in my SSC exams which is a start up to my career. My wish to continue the same progress throughout my career has taken a shape in my intermediate education. Many thought that my decision of taking Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as my majors is just a casual decision. But with my sincerity I scored a dashing 90% which has proved that “I was not futile, but outrageous”. I carried out the same characteristic in my under graduation also.

My groundwork to select the course and College started from here itself. With my interest in my Sciences and Mathematics I have shown interest in Electricals and Electronics. Also my seniors gave an opinion that this field is having multiple opportunities for further studies and for the career opportunities. Finally, I decided that this group is a win-win situation.

I had my foot in Electrical Engineering. From the day one, I maintained the same graph till the end of my under graduation. The various concepts like current, voltage, circuits, and different theorems had dragged the real out of me. But all that hard input became light when I scored 78% in my Undergraduate exams. I jumped into jubilance after my results. Even my project work in final year had won accolades all over the college.


I am very confident and my marks will tell you this. The school and colleges I have studied contributed a lot in my effective communication skills. I am innovative and different in my ideas and also the way I execute it. I always try to keep and maintain a good relationship with others. I believe others very quickly. This is my strength and weakness as well.

Why USA?

“When a man is tired of USA, he is tired of life”.

I am one of those who dreamt of having higher studies in USA. USA is a land of quality universities and a treasure of opportunities, those are looking for. Doing higher studies over there is my childhood fascination. And it all happened so that the university I want to pursue Masters (your University) is also in USA. I am very lucky for that.

Also the technical and social advancements of the country mould you as a better human being with a treasure of wide knowledge and help you for self-growth.

Why Course?

I am very inquisitive about computers. This inquisitiveness came during my under graduation, when I registered for the crash courses like C, C++ and the basics of Java.

After my graduation, doing higher studies became inevitable for me. Then I thought, instead of going with the tide and pursue some course which the time will decide, let me decide my own fate. With this clarity, I decided to pursue Masters in Computers.

Also the opportunities for a Computers Graduate are more compare to other graduates.

“The field of Computers is Immortal. “


“Ordinary people strive for living hood and geniuses strive to provide it for others also”. This is the way I look at life. In my perspective, the education you pursue and the job you do should help the needy in some way or the other. In my nearer future, I want to be in a good position by establishing my own firm and generate employment for others. Thus it will be a two way beneficial. If I will be able to do that I will become a role model for at least a few.


Watching movies is my hobby and my source of recreation. I watch light weight movies and language is not a bar. I love unwinding with friends for a shopping. Often on I also play indoor games, whenever I got time.


I don’t think, for a girl, no other person stood first as an idol rather than her own father and I am no more an exception. He is very industrious, focused, and a hard worker. His broader thinking sense is the reason behind my achievements so far. Next to my father, I love Rajini kanth very much. The way he manages larger than life image is unbelievable. He is very sober and down to earth.

Why University?

When I was searching for your University online, I couldn’t found a reason to hesitate to apply. By the testimonials I understood that the fact that the University has produced many scholars, entrepreneurs, Engineers and doctors worldwide. The two-hour long visit of your website has shot all my doubts.

I was aware of the fact that having a spectacular academic background will help me to understand the topics better, but to excel it I had to sweat a lot. I am ready to give my two year of time for that, if I got the admission at your University.

I think I justified my reasons for all above and the remaining I can do is to wait for your call.



Sample SOP 2

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too”

Hi, my name is XXXX. I want to pursue Masters in Communications from your University. Through this Application Essay, I want to give you the list of my academics, personal background, qualities, my source of inspiration, and objectives for Graduate Study. I am well prepared personally and academically. I hope this statement of purpose helps me to get an admission at your University.


I did my schooling at Board of Secondary Education, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. I scored 67% in my SSC examinations. Then I joined Intermediate with Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as my majors. There my lecturers supported me much and left me some valuable points that has changed my life. I finished my intermediate on time with 78% in my Intermediate examinations.

Then I joined my Graduate studies with Electronics and Communications as my majors. Our college is affiliated with Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU). Initially I have taken it lightly, but after that I gradually became serious, loved it, and enjoyed it much. I really dug a lot to get into the path. It is here my dream of pursuing a career in Communications has started. I am able to finish my graduation in a timely fashion with 67% in my Under Graduate examinations.

Professional Experience

After Graduation, I got an offer in WIPRO as a system administrator. From the past three years I have been working as a system administrator. Currently I am working for Nestle Project from past 10 Months.

Technical Skillset

My technical skillset includes operating systems of IBM AIX, Solaris10 (UNIX), Virtualization Technology of LPAR (Logical Partition), Clustering of HACMP (High Availability Cluster Multi-Processing), and Storage of Hitachi EMC CAN. My remaining skills are as below:


  • Installation & Configuration of IBM/AIX Operating System Servers
  • Installation and maintenance of fix, file sets and packages
  • Knowledge on boot process
  • Working knowledge of AIX Logical Volume Manager
  • Creation and managing JFS/JFS2 file systems
  • Mirroring and Un-mirroring of root volume group and normal volume groups
  • Export and Import of non-root volume groups
  • Migration of Logical volumes across PV's within the VG.
  • Working knowledge of Object data manager (ODM)
  • Backup and restore of volume group and file systems
  • Alternate disk installation through cloning
  • Implementation of split copy and snapshot on file systems
  • Managing paging spaces
  • Using performance monitoring tools like iostat, vmstat, netstat, topas and nmon.
  • Knowledge on RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 0+1, RAID 1+0, RAID5 levels
  • Knowledge in network services like Telnet, FTP, and NFS
  • Scheduling periodic, future jobs using crontab
  • NIM server installation and configuration


  • Configuring and maintaining server and client LPARS
  • Implementing DLPAR operations
  • Configuring DUAL VIOS
  • Configuring SEA failover scenario in Dual VIOS
  • Knowledge on Integrated Virtual Manager (IVM)
  • Firmware up gradation of IBM Server
  • Up gradation of HMC
  • Configuring of partition network through IVE(LHEA)
  • User management in HMC
  • Scheduling operations on server and partitions
  • Error management and control in HMC
  • Backup and restore of partition profiles


  • Installation of HACMP packages on Nodes
  • Configuring resources and resource group
  • Configuring IP’s and Non-IP on nodes
  • Configuring concurrent capable shared disk for Nodes
  • Fall over and fallback policies
  • Synchronizing and enabling cluster configuration

Qualities and strengths 

Coming to my qualities, I am a collegial person. I am nice and co-operative with all. My strengths are my creativeness and enthusiasm in learning new applications with good participation. I am able to work independently with minimal supervision. I am flexible and versatile to adapt to any new environment, work on any project with positive attitude.

Extra-Curricular Activities

At the same time I am not a student who concentrates only on the studies. I have reasonable space for extracurricular activities in my resume and in personal life as well. I have participated almost in each and every activity those are conducted in my school and colleges. I got medals, awards, and certificates to my credit.

Why USA?

The diversity of people helps me to develop my thinking ability from nationalism to Internationalism. The nation had its restlessness journey towards excellence since decades. This helps me to become goal-oriented. Also I can fulfill my “Dollar Dreams”.


Thomas Alva Edison is my Inspiration. His famous quote of “Genius is one percent Inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration” inspires me hundred percent. His inventions are world renowned including electric bulb, which welcomes a new era.


My goal is to secure a position in a good organization that will allow me to utilize my abilities and provide a consistently positive atmosphere to learn new technologies and implement them for the growth and development of the organization. I always want to grow with the Organization.

Why Course?

After a lot of introspection I have opted Communications for my Masters. I thought this field is significant enough to spend my whole life doing research. In fact this field is a discovery to me. I have not entered this field with that connection in mind. But now I had my hook.

Why University?

My desire to become a successful professional in the field of Communications is actually rotting my brain. My Passionate towards it and your excellent teaching foundation has finally forced me to apply for your University.

I hope my proudest accomplishments alongside my fondest hopes and dreams will help me to get admission at your University. I am sure that I will be your best pick.



Sample SOP 3

Management Information System


My father, my ideal, signified at an early age to me that the pursuit of excellence is the greatest noble act one can do and this has come to stay with me in all my accomplishments so far. Through him I came to know that successful individuals are neither overwhelmed by adversity, nor back away from challenges. I took up all the challenges that life had to offer and completed my matriculation with 89.5%, and went on to take up Inter. I cleared the same with a score of 93.2% and then joined the graduation course with lot of dreams and goals and the resultant assignments. Such good results and the urge to achieve, and the desire to prove myself among the talented students of science guided my cherished ambition. At present I want to pursue Management Information System (MIS) which inspires me to surge ahead and earn a name for my work.

My academic performance, a scientific approach in life, hard work, and determination to succeed added to my confidence.

PAPERS AND PUBLICATION                  

I have actively participated in seminars and lab work. Being the representative I performed experiments with a great sense of responsibility. Team leading, newer challenges by the day, course work and my own initiatives provided an opportunity to gain an insight in conducting, planning and executing many experiments.

I have publications to my credit and was the main author for Design Development and Characterization of Oro-Dispersible Films of Granisetran Hydrochloride. I along with Dr. Sai Kishore co authored  “Fast Dissolving Tablets of Ibuprofen “ and have submitted three review papers of which I was the main author for “ Direct compression - an overview ” and also “ Modification of Chitosan; use in Nano particulate Dry Delivery System”,  and another one along with B.Teja on Nano sponges in New Technology. I had the honor to participate in National Seminars at NIPER, Chennai and Guntur. I have completed a Project on Solid Lipid Nano Particles of Chlonazepam---Targeting for Brain in M. Pharmacy

Why MIS?

Information technology is a further step to mankind.

From the past few decades, the capabilities of both generation and collection of data has been increasing in great pace. The main factors include the computerization in all the sectors such as business, science, government and management. In addition to these, the World Wide Web which is a global information system has loaded us with a tremendous amount of data and information. The present scenario of online banking transactions is a good example of the need of secure and convenient information system. This explosive growth in stored data has generated an urgent need for new techniques and tools that can intelligently assist us in the management of data and information. So, defining new methods and utilizing the present tools of managing information system in a more efficient way could be a flourishing frontier in the information field for the days ahead. Beside we should not forget: The need is great in the future.

The present world is surrounded by the data and information field. On one hand, these data present the potential for us to discover useful information and knowledge not seen before. On the other hand, we are limited in our ability to manually process large amounts of data to discover useful information and knowledge. So, the need of better tools and application as well as the reliable methods of utilizing the data and information is the eminent necessity of not only today’s world but the future also. The real-time processing and analysis of various data and information should be realized. There should be a constant evaluation of the system indicating relatively strong work handling capacity and expansion capacity; useful for optimization, reduction of management risks, and improvement of information efficiency.


I am dedicated, involved and sincere, and well equipped to meet your high standards. I want to have the energy, enthusiasm and plan to work hard and just be the same academics loving person, in all the future years of my life. Pursuit of knowledge has always been a cherished obsession and a dominating influence for me. Being the representative gave me a sense of responsibility. I won several prizes in Debate, Essay writing competitions held at university level. I won First Prize in Probiotics in 2011. I also participated in Blood Donation Camps and was a part of free supply of medicine to the poor and needy. My participation in seminars and in National Pharmacy Week helped me to explore the future prospects of pharmaceutics. I aim to be a Talent who is a standard bearer for practice and research in Pharmaceutics, having a passion for excellence. My long term goal is to develop and implement innovations in Pharmaceutics that have significant impact on the quality of future patients. 


One has to consider the opportunities USA provides:

 A world-class higher education system that attracts talented people from across the globe,

An environment of risk-taking and innovation, that enables the development of products and services which improve the society,

A spirit of mentorship,

It gives opportunity to learn, research, innovate, and try in a given field,

USA is truly a society of meritocracy, irrespective of age, family name, color or gender. All are judged on their potential and skills alone.

It is as much a land of immigrants as it is the land of opportunity.


The University has World-class faculty, where Groundbreaking research is undertaken providing boundless future. The student community is diverse and vibrant. It has earned a reputation for academic and research excellence. Its programs have a positive impact on the world. Here talented students receive generous direct support. The benefit package is competitive and is America’s best. Students are able to acquire a one of a kind education here.

I seek to study at a place where the faculty pioneers patient care concepts, which redefine pharmacy practice, where far-reaching initiatives are taken in new medication therapies, where research discoveries are felt in laboratories around the globe. It must demonstrate a commitment to excellence, and disseminate new knowledge. I find that your place meets these criteria and this is the reason and basis of my preference.

The University faculty provides Cutting-edge research to gain expertise in drug design, drug delivery, and medication therapy management. Learning from those who serve on national committees and boards, which influence the direction of research and healthcare policy will be a great boost for me. They strive continuously to implement new ways to improve the health of the people.

I figured that once a student is admitted to the College, he is assigned an individual academic advisor who help in planning schedules and must approve the courses which each student selects. They also advise on electives and assist in determining the best schedule. The advisor has a say in academic or personal problems, and is considered a personal friend. He is interested and experienced to give help.

Your university shows the way and answers my dreams. It is exemplary, having an image of excellence. It is a fountain of knowledge, and a perennial source of inspiration, making it a dynamic and ideal place to study. It qualifies to be a center of taking the best of talented students who wish to undertake research to surmount various difficulties in formulation of new chemical entities and aim at giving the best results. Based on my knowledge, skills, background and the academic record so far, my admission into your esteemed institution is a boon for my career.                   

I aspire that your university will help me to translate these dreams into reality hope that I will receive a nod for MIS, with a possible financial assistance. The goal is to achieve excellence and to contribute to the body of knowledge. I aim to master latest techniques, become creative and develop an innovative style of thinking.

I eagerly look forward for being a privileged member of your academic community. If given the opportunity, I would sincerely work with dedication, and give my best to make substantial contribution in my field. I will live up to high standards expected of me. In conclusion I look forward to undertake a new journey of discovery, of challenges, and of guided achievement in the service of the humanity.


Sample SOP 4


I was born and brought up in Hyderabad, which is a metropolitan city, and a state capital. I was attracted to the rich culture and tradition of my state and country. My city assimilates different cultures. It is known as a residence from People from all over the world and for its rich cultural heritage, religious togetherness, brotherhood and celebration of festivals. Hence it is called a “Happening Hyderabad”. This gave me an ample opportunity to get the right exposure to different traditions and cultures. And I am proud to mention that Hyderabad was chosen for conducting the prestigious Conference of Parties (COP) on Biodiversity.

I finished my schooling from _____. Public School, Hyderabad, one of the elite schools in India accredited to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Right from kindergarten English was the medium of instruction and this has added to my English language proficiency. During school days I was fascinated by technology especially with electronic gadgets like mobiles and laptops. I always wondered how they function. This led me to take up Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry as majors in Intermediate. Later I was motivated to take up the subject of Electronics and Communication Engineering at the undergraduate level. I sincerely believe that electronics has a solution for every problem in this world. We have come a long way from an age of no electrical power to the present age of Smart Phones. With the emerging technology of Embedded Systems and VLSI it’s no wonder that the world will be automated in the near future. Therefore I believe that Electronics has the power to revolutionize the world. I decided that Electronics is going to be my field of study. This has led me to choose Electronics and Communications Engineering as my undergraduate major. Since then, I started looking at the world from different perspective and my profound interest in electronics led to my success in my academics during my undergraduate study.

My academic profile shows outstanding grades where I secured __% in my 10th Standard and my intermediate with __%.

During my Undergraduate Study I faced many challenges boldly because of the strong foundation laid in my school. I witnessed a drastic change in my attitude. During the next four years I spent studying the principles and concepts of Science and Technology. I had the opportunity to study many course subjects with applications like the Electromagnetic fields and Transmission lines, Control systems, Electrical measurements, Linear Integrated Circuits, Pulse and digital circuits, Digital Signal Processing, Computer Networks, Micro processors& Micro Controllers, Digital Circuits and Microwave Engineering. I was ranked as one of the consistent performers in my department. I was among the top ten rankers of my class.

As a result of my dedication and hard work I was awarded many merit and participation certificates. I received many appreciation certificates. I coordinated a seminar on robotics in our college. I submitted a presentation on Biometrics and career treatment through Nano technology.

As a part of my final year academic project I designed and implemented Bus controllers of AMBA 2.0 compatible using APB-UART control VLSI Software. I completed one Mini Project also in Intelligent Lighting System for Automobiles.

I have a set of qualities like great communication skills, studying hard to the point of perfection, easy to approach which mark my life. I am jovial by nature and believe in time management in a big way.

I learnt qualities like sacrifice and having vision from my father. My uncle who is a well settled and proud Software Engineer is my inspiration. Masters in Electronics is my dream course because it is my long cherished goal, quenching my innovative thirst. The reason for doing Masters in Electronics is its ever rising popularity and appeal which has appealed me.

With a robust foundation in Electronics and Communication Engineering I now like to expand my study and improve my knowledge and contribute to the field of Electrical Engineering. With my dedication and hard work I want to complete my Master’s in Electrical Engineering. I feel that your University is the right place for me to continue my study because of its course curriculum, world-class faculty and top infrastructure. The course subject offered at your university interests me immensely and meets my expectations and aptitude. I feel that obtaining admission in your university would definitely help me in acquiring skills and knowledge required to make my dreams come true.

Why USA?

USA is a powerful center of learning and students are able to utilize its rich resources. Being a well educated country, its universities provide the best infrastructure facilities which can be regarded to be the best for overseas students.


My goal is to design and develop highly powerful gadgets in India to gain its rightful place in the world and make my country a competitor to USA in all respects.

In conclusion, I would like to say that Electronics has grown into a passion for me and I want to expand my knowledge in this field. I therefore wish to pursue my MS degree from your university and improve my career prospects. I am fully aware that your curriculum requires that I summon all my resources and I especially thank you for the opportunity given me to express about myself.


Sample SOP 5

Information Systems Management

There is an old paradigm that says, "To stay where you are, keep running". Today I realize how true it is because unless we keep track of the changes and advances being made we will be considered pariah. As I stand at the threshold of completing my undergraduate study, after carefully contemplating the various career options open to me I have decided to go in for graduate study that calls for personal commitment in fulfilling the crafts of independent research and dedicated involvement. In turn, I shall get intellectual satisfaction and gratification of becoming a contributor of knowledge with research, and the greater personal rewards of memory and discovery. Now, on the verge of completion of my Under-Graduate Studies, I realize that my present knowledge would not suffice. I feel that unless one is erudite in his field, one cannot be fully satisfied.

I also feel that “Every person is born with an innate flair, the moment your realize it you become a great person”. It was at high school that my fascination for electronic gadgets coupled with a desire to be a skilled programmer, prompted me to choose Electronics and Communication as the major for my Bachelor’s Degree.

I was not happy with just understanding a phenomenon, but wanted a real time experience. This interest in logical and computational thinking led me to take up Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as my major subjects at the Pre-University level after completing my Schooling with 90%. I completed my pre-University education with 88%.

For my under graduate studies, I have opted for “ Electrical and Communications Engineering” in MVSR College of Technology, where I find my diligent study has brought home to me very strongly, that there is still a vast field that I must explore and master to achieve my goal of being the best. The economic technological liberalization that is taking place in India would ensure that I would be able to use my expertise, to make my country a leader in the area of Information Science and Technology. My expertise in engineering subjects imbibed in me, an interest to pursue further education in this field.

During my undergraduate studies, I realized that the curriculum was exhaustive. It provided an in-depth theoretical background of every subject, but that was not enough for me. I needed a program that would help me to acquire a higher level of knowledge, leadership skills and problem solving ability to tackle the most diverse and complex problems. I realize that a Masters degree in Information Systems Management will enrich me by transforming me into a complete professional and providing me with the raw materials necessary to get a winning edge over others.

The answer to Management Information Systems was a Graduate Program in Information Systems. The advent of applications like high-speed transfer of images, video telephony and teleconferencing, coupled with the availability of extremely fast processing elements, has virtually led to an information explosion.

Hence development of such highly efficient computer systems to manage large volumes of data is extremely crucial for intelligent decision-making.

During my undergraduate course, I was exposed to various subjects that lead me to do my final year project work in PCB fabrication.

Project Details

  • PCB Fabrication
  • Hobby Kit : Touch Control Musical Bell
  • Mini Project:  Mobile tracker circuit (Digital communications)

It is about the tracking of mobile when the mobile is lost

Work Site: MVSR Engineering College.

MAJOR PROJECT: RFID based Library Automation System.

It is about the easy use of selecting books by the students with the help of RFID tags and its tag detector

Work Site: CMC Academy, Dilshuknagar.

I was provided with the best of the guidance to help me grow as an individual. My hobbies include reading books, playing football, writing stories, organizing social activities and events, playing chess, short film making, photography, painting, coin and stamp collection, listening to music, and travelling.

Interests and Achievements

My winnings like 3rd Prize in AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHEMISTRY QUIZ, 2nd prize in CVR COLLEGE’S Cinematics Fest 2012, and Diploma Degree in Computer Applications has inspired me to pursue something that had a blend of discipline and Information Systems.

I have acquired the technical skills needed like C language, Assembly language programming of 8086 microprocessor and 8051 micro controller, and VHDL. I am very much familiar with Ms Office, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash and Dreamweaver, and Web Designing. I am good at operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 7, and Vista.

I have attended these Workshops:

ROBOTICS Workshop conducted by ROBOSAPIENS India association with IIT BOMBAY -10

Personal interview and group discussion competition Conducted by The T.I.M.E management at the C.B.I.T college of Engineering 2011

Completed Course in Programming of C and C++, and Hardware and Networking at the Orbit consultancy Services.

I have Completed Courses in Ramakrishna Math.

My extracurricular activities including NCC cadet during the school days, volunteer in HSCO N.G.O, participating in events like paper presentation, fun events, and Robotics competition, organizing events in college.

Why University?

The essence of university education lies in the success of long and rewarding relationship between the student and his department. Your university is a confluence of people from varied culture, nationality, religion, race and ideology. I am sure that my exposure to diverse influences would aid in the overall development of my personality and help me broaden my concept from nationalism to internationalism. With research options available here, I am confident that I will have the opportunity to work professionally and take up research-work meaningfully.

The hours of hard work that I put into excel in my education not only made me realize the beauty of attaining knowledge but also gave me the perseverance to look beyond and extend my boundaries, the time I have spent has only given me a brief glimpse of the vastness of knowledge, what I have seen has only aroused my curiosity and eagerness to explore the depths. I know that my goals are not mere wishes and I am aware that the path I am choosing is not a smooth horse ride. I understand that I have to put in painstaking hard work and compete with best in the world to achieve my goals. I am thoroughly prepared for it. To sum it up, I am prepared to go an “extra mile”-both figuratively and literally-add value to my qualification to realize my goals, I know that the competition is going to be tough but as it has been amply said.

“Life’s battle does not always go to the stronger man, Sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who thinks he can?”

Finally I look forward for my admission into the Masters in Management Information Systems (MS in MIS) program of your esteemed university.


Sample SOP 6


In the words of Adlai E. Stevenson "If we value the pursuit of knowledge, we must be free to follow wherever that search may lead us." I grew up in a challenging atmosphere and was engaged in lots of activities. I had been motivated to succeed academically and developed strong likeness for mathematics, physics and technical designing. I decided that my future career would be in a Master’s degree Mechanical Designing. 


I have excelled in Academics in every step of my education. In my secondary education (10th grade equivalent) I secured 76%, and then in the Intermediate public examination (12th grade equivalent), I secured 79.4%. In B. Tech I have secured an aggregate of -----. My teachers were a huge influence and because of them I made the grade and developed the confidence to become an ideal student. Now I wish to carry their ideals forward in becoming a good overseas student.

I have thorough knowledge of windows xp vista.  


  • I have participated in 10,000 meter run.
  • I have participated in inter school and college competitions as captain in Volley Ball.
  • I have participated in paper presentations in other colleges.
  • I represented our collage volley ball team in 2012 and played in many collage zonal matches.


I have done a project at a research center   on “Hydraulic actuation system in missile Prithvi”, which is certified by scientists. Besides that I have another project entitled ' Fabrications of high way wind turbine by recycle parts’ to my credit, which uses highway wind emanating from the speed of a vehicle; and works on velocity current produced by the wind turbine. It generates current in the small scale which can be put to use for high way lights or for maintaining signals.  


Painting and design have been a passion with me and I am keen to build upon them and prepare a schedule for myself where all my talents will be put to good use.  I have an aptitude for automobiles. The program is committed to exhibiting the highest professional and ethical standards, addressing my academic needs. It provides ideal education and encourages participation in a big way. The program is also dedicated to pursuing scholarly activities.


My sister, who stays there in Pennsylvania and is an IT Software Engineer, is a source of inspiration. I am interested in politics and the current affairs.

Why University:

The university creates Management and Leadership qualities necessary to advance careers and expand their career options.  It broadens and deepens the skill-set helping to make informed decisions based on this knowledge.


Jovial by nature I possess sportsman spirit in abundance and have a zeal to succeed in life in a big way. I believe that a good physique is necessary to house a fresh and energetic mind. I am very expressive about new things and my opinions. I also have Leadership qualities. I am very confident and flexible kind of person will react according to the situation demand. 


It offers the best in education and is shaped by immigrants and revolutionists. USA is a success story in many walks of life. It is an American tradition to excel, and be the best in the world. I feel I can imbibe this spirit. I wish to be an overseas student and chase my dream of being an expert in mechanical designing.


My parents have inspired me and shaped my career and I want to provide them the best of the convenience that this world offers. An overseas degree and the resultant good placement would help me to work in that direction and achieve the desired result.

I gather that your university is ideal and appropriate for me and have also found that the graduate program suits my needs and answers my requirements perfectly.  Considering the pioneering work going on in your department in this field of my interest, it is an ideal choice for an exciting career.  I believe that enrollment at your university will satiate my thirst for subject and provide an opportunity to scale new peaks of success.


Sample SOP 7

Engineering Management

Learning is not compulsory…neither is survival. W. Edwards Deming

I am a live wire and am good at mathematics, sciences, and have a passion for business and economics. Inheriting the traits of innovation, and possessing vision and a desire to progress have been a part of my personality. I had a good career and completed matriculation in 2007 with 86%, in CBSE, and secured 76% in Intermediate in 2009. With improved skills and knowledge of the world on the rise I completed Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in 2013 with 61 %. My bent of mind is towards Analyses and Management and my aim is to look for better and radiant vision in Engineering Management. As a student I have focused and concentrated on Management. In my Final year I had a chance to study great and challenging subjects like Product Design, Process Planning, MIS, Operation Research and these introduced me to receiving modern trends and enhanced my curiosity in a big way. I seek first-hand knowledge and skills which are directly applicable to the workplace.


I want to develop the skills during the course which will make me attractive to a range of employers in management consultancy. At present I possess Technical expertise, Numeracy and data analysis, IT skills, and General research skills. They are helpful in preparation for a management position within the engineering sector as I am adept in Self-management, planning, meeting deadlines, and have a very professional way of communication. I am a great believer in Team work and most of my success is the result of being a vibrant member of the team. My Leadership and Problem-solving skills help me to identify causes, trends and patterns and impart knowledge of current global trends in a big way.

I am multi dimensional and aspire to utilize much of it in projecting the best that is expected and reach the pinnacle of glory overseas. My stay at Mauritius exposed me to international atmosphere and inculcated the habit of wining with best possible results. I was a winner and continue to remain so in future also.

I am also associated with an NGO which commenced its operations this year. I want to give the best possible direction to charity and developmental cause. It is a challenge but I have confidence in my spirits and efforts and would emerge successful in doing a lot for the poor and the aged.

Degree in engineering management is modern, and fits the dreams that I have seen for so many years. It has a core management curriculum and offers engineers a tech-savvy alternative to an MBA, addressing complex business problems and arriving at innovative solutions. It prepares engineering graduates to become industry leaders in future and helps to build a business foundation.

With focus on management of innovation, technology and operations it develops entrepreneurship, leadership, negotiation and communication skills, which I already possess and aim to hone further. It offers students the technical expertise and business acumen.


The comprehensive program combines the hard and the soft skills. It teaches one to connect the dots and shows the intensity of the problem. It enables leveraging the technology and provides the insights that will help the student to arrive at a proper decision. This program generates academic energy and passion perfectly and enhances my engineering knowledge. It offers opportunities for team projects, and diverse backgrounds to make me successful. The world faces the challenges of global level sustenance, health, and environmental protection and there is a great need to integrate technical and business skills to solve them.

Skilled engineers who understand the essential principles of business have a competitive advantage. From the data I have gathered Engineering Management Program of your University meets my career demands and integrate business, law, engineering and management. This program is a combination of engineering and business. It gives the benefits of more influence, bigger job responsibility, high salary, and smooth career advancement and provides me to have a well-rounded personality and become a vibrant part of the professional workforce. It offers a great learning experience, a robust analytical and problem solving curriculum, innovation in technology and depth in technical topics.

It enables me to develop practical business skills. The interaction with varied fellow students with different cultural backgrounds, technical training, and work experience is rich and valuable. It oversees the management of engineering and technology including: technology policy development, technology assessment, technology transfer, research, development, design, evaluation, production, commissioning, or decommissioning of technical, electrical or electronic equipment/systems and allied activities.


USA provides the best possible academic life and as my life depends on academics I feel it is ideal for me. I am at home with the atmosphere and usage of English. It facilitates improvements in technology and equips me with the knowledge of integrating technology with business to know the viability of a product. It makes the student a techno-manager and gives a global outlook. Interaction with students and faculty and a vibrant atmosphere make for great learning. It offers programs perfectly combining cutting-edge engineering courses with modern business practices and opens a new world of opportunities. It is flexible and provides considerable scope for career opportunities. It enables the student to seek employment in business and commercial fields.


I am mindful of my rights and duties and am hugely interested in performing noble deeds with a desire to fight for justice and fairness. I exhibited leadership qualities early and never want to back down when faced with challenges obstacles and hurdles and this never say die spirit has kept me ahead of others on many occasions. I have the ability to understand both complex technological processes and the art of management which are the requirements of today and are increasingly sought after by the industrial world. I am interested in the technical and problem-solving aspects of both engineering and management.

I have won laurels in various capacities and a many certificates at all levels to prove my credentials and talents. Prominent among them were my contribution to Help age India. I pursued various interests like Painting, participating in Drama and Quiz, preparing Engineering Models, serving as a delegate in International Children Film Festival 2005, participating in Marathons, Games, Wrestling and Cricket, and was also a delegate to the Science Congress. I hosted events at the College.

I presented Papers on Mechanical Engineering and won the First Prize in Mechatron in 2012. Further my quest took me to Auto Factory 2012 and I participated in a workshop on Engine Design of Cars. I was the Event Organizer of E-week India which is an entrepreneur awareness campaign co hosted by National Entrepreneurship Network and Wadhwani Foundation.

I was also involved in Hotel Management, Advertisement, and installation of software and Security System and Hoardings on a big scale.

I also won First Prize at District Project based on Eco friendly Plastic Fuel at National Science Congress.

I am Client Relation Manager with AIESEC which is the largest student body in the world. It provides a platform for leadership and growth among youths and facilitates student exchange. I developed a database for them and provided students with matching skills after due convincing and interviews. I attended their National Strategic Conference in 2011 for planning the future.

I have worked with teams and me deadlines also. In this I was entrusted the task of imparting organization and business skills and make them understand their priorities and have proper coordination.


I participated in Young Change Makers Conclave in 2012 hosted by United Nations Information Center and US Consulate.


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“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Andre Gide.

Technologies close to the realms of science fiction; ideas that were impossible to achieve in the years to come; questions that inadvertently resulted in complicated solutions, aroused the curiosity in me and motivated to explore the boundaries of imagination. The spark of taking up new challenges had ignited in me, and led me sub-consciously to seek answers.  Never disheartened or discouraged of failures, I envisioned plans for a great future. In order to march into a future I needed vigour and a desire to excel, through theoretical study and practical experience. I possess sufficient drive and impetus to create a technologically advanced tomorrow by offering my share through the medium of graduate studies.

Growing up as a child in business family, I spend much time to observe and assimilate the nuances of business. I realized a craving to learn the processes involved, and was introduced to the fundamentals of Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis and I took keen interest in gathering an insight into all the issues associated with the business.

Pursuing Engineering, I aspired to gain practical exposure in Biotechnology and took up research in projects titled “Insilico analysis of dipeptidyl peptidase -4 inhibitors” and “Process and Quality Analysis of Carlsberg Beer”. I was curious about the Marketing and Production strategies involved, and this resulted in a decision to undertake Management Studies.

The knowledge from books and practical experience that I have gained is meagre and fragmentary. I realized that I was languishing on the shores and not venturing into the vast ocean of Management Studies, where my perennial thirst for a vast knowledge would be quenched. Creating effective, ethical and efficient methods in business by using the modern technology is my goal now.

The Australian Universities are known to successfully combine traditional values of excellence in teaching and research, and challenge conventional practices to produce new ways of developing courses. Students learn to play a vital role and go places after completion of a course. Moreover they have state-of-the art libraries. The urbaneness of the people and the weather are the added features that catch the eye of a foreign student, and improve the quality of stay.

These motives combined with objectives, passions and dreams close to my heart, directed me to choose Central Queensland University, for my Fundamental Research. I am confident of meeting the requirements of the University, and also possess the right attitude and aspiration, towards education and research. The Master's program at this university will enable me to acquire expertise and kindle the flame in me to warm towards the relentless pursuit of knowledge and skill. I am looking forward towards an opportunity, and call of the future, and a journey to a new shore, Australia.



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